We are excited when we see beautiful, clear & into the point product's images featured on SHOPELL! you do not have to make a professional photoshooting in order to have a good aesthetic result! beautiful imagery can make your product/brand look more attractive! put on your imagination to work & inspire your product's potential buyers with simple steps!

ideal dimensions for images
product images 800 x 800 px [ you shouldn't exceed 800px width or 800px height ]
logo/profile picture150 px X 150px [ or any square dimension ]
shop banner 890 px [ width ] X 250 px [ height ]
go to to resize your photos easy & free

Follow our do's & dont's tips for a good & definite result: [ it will be more fun that you can ever imagine! ]

[ D O 's ]marker_underline

[1] upload 5 images of each one of your products so that any potential buyer can have a general overview concerning the product. The more details the merrier!
[ details make the difference ]
[2] each product image should present only the product that is for sale without confusing the potential buyer. In the case that a bundle of products is being sold and not just one product, then the bundle's product image should clearly indicate the products that are for sale.
[3] use natural light & a white background.
[4] make sure that the product's image is close to its natural appearance.
[5] if you are selling preowned items: you should include shots of product's defections & if you are selling branded items, you should include shots of labels & authentic details.

// in order to remove a photo background quick & easily, please visit //

[ D O N T ' s ] markerunderline

please do not use:

[1] black and white photos.
[2] images that do not belong to you or do not represent the product you wish to sell.
[3] images that are blurry or croocked.
[4] images in which is not clearly indicated what it is sold.
[5] images that include texts or logos.
[6] images in which the product's colour has been edited through photoshop

SHOPELL's team checks daily new & existing product listings. If we find out that some of them do not follow the above guidelines, we have to remove them temporarily, so that you relist them after doing the appropriate changes. we are always by your side if you face any problem! talk to us: