Privacy Policy

1/ "SHOPELL" shall not collect personal data, with the sole exception of data necessary for the determination or the purpose of communication with members of the platform (e.g. name, surname, address, e-mail, telephone number, etc). Such personal data is provided to "SHOPELL" with the consent of the member concerned and such member is hereby made aware that their personal data may constitute the subject of processing in accordance with the applicable national and Community legislation. However, the right of access, at any given moment, to their personal data is retained, in order to demand and receive, without delay and in a clear and understandable manner, information regarding the purpose of the processing, as well as the ultimate receivers. Moreover, a member retains the right in accordance with applicable national and Community legislation to raise any objections or even refuse any future use of their personal data.

2/ "SHOPELL" constantly strives and exercises due care to ensure the security and protection of its members' personal data, which, it guarantees, to make use of responsibly, exercising prudence and solely for the purposes of the present platform and the facilities it provides. In any case, "SHOPELL" relies solely on members' statements regarding their personal data and therefore bears no responsibility for the truth or accuracy of such.

3/ Each member agrees that "SHOPELL" and all assistants and/or associates employed by it will store, process and make use of personal data entered by a member upon their registration, for the purpose of managing the relationship regarding the completion of transactions, their capacity as members, as well as transactions and contracts concluded through the "SHOPELL" platform. The above are mainly with regard to name, surname, residence address, telephone number, email address.

4/ Cookies are small files stored on the member's computer, which retain the settings and options a member has chosen on "SHOPELL"'s website. They are used for saving a member's setting preferences (country of preference, previously viewed articles etc), as well as the better understanding of "SHOPELL" with regard to the manner of use of its webpage. It is noted that cookies do not in any way cause damage to the computers of Users, Consumers and Visitors, nor to any files stored on them. Similar to the majority of websites on the Web, "SHOPELL" is able to use cookies, in order to provide to Users, Consumers and/or Visitors, information and improved services (status of orders, personal settings etc), as well as for the more efficient and timely execution of orders. In order to ensure the secure navigation of "SHOPELL"'s virtual platform for all members/visitors, as well as the safety of their transactions with it, "SHOPELL" is completely harmonized with the European Directive 2009/136/EC governing processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the context of electronic communications and which Directive was incorporated in Greek Law by Law 4070/2012 (A' 82/10.4.2012) "Regulation of Electronic Communications, Transport, Public Works and other provisions". It is clarified that a necessary condition for use of cookies is the prior consent of the member or visitor. An exception to this rule constitute those cookies that serve functional needs of the website and are needed for its appearance and its efficient operation on the computer of the Member, Consumer or Visitor (functional cookies). Upon acceptance of the present terms of use it is presumed that you also agree to the use of cookies according to the above. Following that, the member consents that "SHOPELL" shall collect, process and make use of their data of prior use with a view to the services of "SHOPELL", especially in order for it to customize its services in the best possible way.

5/ "SHOPELL" does not store, does not process and does not check data relating to credit or debit cards. In the case, however, of a member entering on their account at "SHOPELL" information (eg. number) regarding their bank account, then they are presumed to consent to "SHOPELL"'s ability to make use of this data for all potential returns to the member of commissions-taxes that may arise.

6/ Every registered member agrees that "SHOPELL" shall retain the option to publish a member's name, date of registration, as well as comments uploaded by way of evaluation of other members on their webpage by said member for all visitors of the particular webpage to view. Every member covenants without reservation that a duty of confidentiality cannot arise for data already published.

7/ Every member agrees that ""SHOPELL"shall disclose amidst their contact information a link to their account at the post bank and/or bank to a mutual contract party of theirs, given that the latter has made the request for purposes of verification of this data and, in any case, strictly for the purposes of performing the contract concluded through the virtual platform of "SHOPELL". The same will hold true in case one of the contract parties wishes to rescind the concluded contract (mutual return of contractual object and consideration) or wishes to refer their dispute to the competent courts.

8/ Every member agrees that "SHOPELL" shall process and use members' personal data for the distribution of information material (eg. via email), of an informative or promotional character. In the event a member does not wish to receive such material, they can send a relevant email at any time directly to "SHOPELL", in order for them to not receive such material in the future.

9/ The member agrees without reservation that, depending on the case at hand and given there are relevant compelling reasons, "SHOPELL" shall have the right to collect, process and use such data as is necessary for the revelation, discontinuation and report on its behalf of publications (of any form) created by any means for a harmful or fraudulent purpose, as well as of data of any other illegal or non-contractual use of "SHOPELL", as this is defined by the Terms of Use governing the platform. Moreover, in the event of the existence of a relevant legal provision and resultant lawful obligation, or an administrative order on behalf of law enforcement authorities (especially for reasons of protection of public security and the prosecution of criminal actions), "SHOPELL" shall exercise outright its right to place the relevant data at the disposal of the competent service or Authority.

10/ In summary, it is hereby rendered clear that a member, upon its registration as such, provides its clear, express and unconditional consent to "SHOPELL" proceeding in the collection and processing of personal data entered, on the basis of all the hereby applicable terms. A member may at any time withdraw its consent to further collection and processing of its data through the discontinuation of their status as member.