guide for preowned

before you begin to sell your prowned items, please be sure about the below:

> that your item's condition belongs to one of those that are mentioned here & that you have mentioned it on your product's information [extra label]

> if the preowned item you wish to sell can de delivered washed ( for example it is not a bag ) you are encouraged to do so. it is nice to receive what you have purchased in such a great condition!

> the pictures along with the item's written condition should conform with reality.


[new with tags]----> is the one that you bought but never wore! even once! the return period has already expired!
it has tags on it & it may not fit you but probably it will fit to someone else! so make it available!

[great condition]----> you have worn it some few times or you have been careful with it that its condition is perfect!

[satisfactory condition]----> it is one of your favorites but you do not wear it every day! it has some signs of deterioration but you have treated it with love so its condition is really good.

[beloved]----> these are the items that we have within our closet & are our beloved ones. the signs of deterioration are obvious but still they are in a condition to be resaled.